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Our Story



Something truly soulful happens when you add a few drops of HOT! SAMOAN BOYS Chilli Sauce to anything that needs a nice little kick added, to flavour it up. 

This and more: you don’t just get that wonderful endorphin-releasing, fire-dancing Birdseye chilli hit, you also get a heavenly dose of alofa - the very essence of all that is Samoan.

HOT! is all about an attitude, the Samoan way of doing things. HOT! means hardworking and resourceful, a bunch of happy locals working their ancestral land. HOT! is about keeping it real.

When we say HOT! We are not talking about show ponies; our guys saw a way to provide employment for young people and village families, producing Birdseye chillis. They had a great idea and they bottled it using the knowledge of their forebears mixed with a bit of muscle, big bling bling smiles, much laughter and singing and a tinny old guitar counting the beat of the chilli harvest.


How HOT! Is that?

You’ll taste more than just the lovingly blended ingredients, you’ll also savour the hard work, the cheeky laughter, and the love that is at the very heart of HOT! SAMOAN BOYS.

Make no mistake, this is much more than just another chilli sauce, it the local hero of Samoa. It is also highly addictive. One sample of this Samoan sensation and you will be transported to a tongue-tingling trance from which you may never escape.